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Feb 26, 2021

No transcript again. We're in the middle of a series of interviews with my family, soooo......

Feb 19, 2021

   This is an interview I did with my daughter, Merida. (Yes, named after the Disney princess). There is no transcript of the conversation, so please listen to the episode to hear the sweetest little girl in the world. (When she wants to be.)

Feb 12, 2021

   If you grew up in the south or even have been a fan of comedy journalism, mainly during the eighties, you may recognize the name of the man I want to pay tribute to in this episode.

   The writing style from which I draw my inspiration, at least the style you’re used to hearing and reading, was a constant companion...

Feb 5, 2021

   I can never seem to make people understand that keeping busy is the way I rest. People see me staying busy and because they, themselves, are happy to spend time in front of Netflix, they think that’s the way everybody out to chill. “You need to take time to rest, Michael.” You’re going to kill...