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Imagine you're a writer and have a blog where you tell funny stories from your experience about everything from parenting to culture. Now imagine that it's hard to find your place in the blog world and you realize four things:

1. You have a performance/radio background

2. You do Voice Acting work and have fancy-pants recording equipment

3. You love podcasts and vlogs

4. You're a narcissist who can't live without an audience

If you were able to build yourself a mind photo with that, you now know how Funny Messy Life, as it exists, came to ... well, exist. The fact is, I have too much serious in my life and if I don't laugh or make other people laugh, I'm prone to going a little crazy and doing stuff that I or you or them or us will all regret. Or at least be embarrassed about.

I live in the American deep south with a wife of many years and a couple of children. (I almost just switched that and typed "wife of a couple of years and many children." That scenario would be awkward.) I earn the cheddar as a professional artist, I'm a writer (or author if you're hoity-toity), and a Playwright. So far the only cheese those last two have earned me is in the form of some kind of moldy thing that smells like a cheesy moldy thing. But I love doing them and so I deal with it.

If you like the blog/show/vlog, I need your support in the way of your helping me get noticed in this HUGE content creation space. So please share and subscribe to the podcast. You can do that below. It's that easy! You can also put some gas in my psychological tank by contacting me through your comments on the episode pages or calling my voicemail line at 706-408-7456.

I can't wait to meet you and let you a little deeper into my Funny Messy Life.

Love ya mean it,